Monday 19 December 2016

Episode 14 - Back to Basics NOW AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 is BACK IN STUDIO for their newest episode!

Download episode 14 - Back to Basics where Richard and Kalan return to studio after their first live show to discuss the latest karate tournaments, the 2017 WKF calendar of events, weight cutting in combat sports, and also what the 90% rule is and how it is used in karate performance

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Monday 12 December 2016

Our first LIVE episode is now available to listen and download!
Listen in as Peter Stoddart re-joins us along with a live audience as we talk about the weekend, how to prepare for tournaments, and our own favourite competition stories!
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Monday 5 December 2016

Episode 12 - The Black Bet Test is NOW AVAILABLE!

New Karate 360 episode!

In this weeks episode, hosts Richard Mosdell and Kalan Anglos banter about what it takes to attempt your dan grading (black belt test) and what it means to pass. 
Karate training tip includes one exercise to improve both kata and kumite performance!

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Next week, we'll be hosting the episode LIVE from the Karate BC Open at the Richmond Olympic Oval Centre!

Monday 28 November 2016

Episode 11 with guest Peter Stoddart now AVAILABLE

Episode 11 with guest Peter Stoddart 

This week in studio, hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell are joined by 6th degree black belt and BC Team coach Peter Stoddart who chats about his coaching philosophy, how to prepare for a belt test or competition, how to balance dual athletes needs as a coach, as well as his time spent training in Japan. Listen on all our platforms to this great interview!

Monday 21 November 2016

Episode 10 - Karate Crossover now AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 NEW episode now availabe!
Episode 10 - Karate Crossover

Join Hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell as they discuss the recent UFC 205 title fights between karate cross over athletes Stephen Thompson (versus Tyron Woodley) and the great Conor McGregor (versus Eddie Alvarez). Other topics include how to move through a front stance, and proper nutrition for karate athletes!
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San-Roku Maru!

Monday 14 November 2016

Episode 9 (Episōdo Ku) now AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 fans episode 9 (Episodo Ku)
is now

This week, we talk about the overall nation standings from the WKF World Championships, what makes a good karate instructor, and the tale of Richard's six black belts (below)!
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In this episode we discuss the tale of Richard's six black belts
Right to left they are;
1989-1993 Tokaido JKA badge yet no JKA affiliation
- no name embroidery
1993-1998 Hirota no badge
- name & Wadokai
1998-2001 Hirota Wadokai badge
- Canada Wadokai name
2001-2005 Hirota Wadokai badge
- Kenzen Karate name
2005-2014 Hirota Wadokai badge
- silver Seiritsu Gakuen name
2014-now Shureido Wadokai badge
- Kenzen Sports Karate name

Monday 7 November 2016

Episode 8 - The World Championship Recap

Episode 8 - World Championships Recap
is now

In this episode, hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell recap the entire WKF World Championships, and dicuss the new rule changes for both kata and kumite (see below), as well as proper stretching techniques and an upcoming UFC title fight for a karate fighter!

Available for listening or download on the following platforms:

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On this episode, we discuss new WKF rule changes that will come in to effect starting January 2017:

Kata Rule Changes:

Kumite Rule Changes:

Monday 31 October 2016

Episode 7 - Dojo Kun is now AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 is BACK with another episode!!

This week, hosts Richard Mosdell and Kalan Anglos chat about highlights from the semi-finals of the WKF World Championships, including the INFAMOUS EYE POKE, the re-election of president Espinos, and the RULES OF THE DOJO (dojo kun)

In this episode, we discuss  videos from the semi-finals of the World Championships:

 Rafael Aghayev vs. Asiabari Aliasghar - the eye-poke incident

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Monday 24 October 2016

Episode 6 Karate Global now AVAILABLE

Karate 360 new episode 6 - Karate Global is NOW AVAILABLE for download. This is our best episode yet and you can hear us (hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell) talk about the globalization of karate, the use of a "kiai", streaming of the World Championships, and how to find your optimal 90-minute training zone!


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Monday 17 October 2016

Episode 5 The Growing Mind is now available!

Episode 5 The Growing Mind is now available!

Get it now on;

Kata of the week; Kiyou Shimizu

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Tuesday 11 October 2016

Episode 4 - A New Hope is now available for DOWNLOAD!
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Thursday 6 October 2016

Episode 3 - The Trilogy Episode NOW AVAILABLE

is now LIVE 
and available for download

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Monday 26 September 2016

Episodes 1 and 2 now available for download on itunes and YouTube!

It's HERE!
Listen to Episodes 1 and 2 of Karate 360 and download on Itunes:

In Episode 1, the "preface" episode, hosts Richard Mosdell and Kalan Anglos introduce themselves, and talk about the general structure of the podcast going foward. They also introduce YOU, the listeners, to the segments that will be covered on a week-by-week basis.

In Episode 2, titled "Karate Banter", the hosts get in to more details on the induction of karate in to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the use of "Oss" in traditional karate, and the possibility of karate becoming a varsity sport in North America

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Saturday 17 September 2016

Karate 360 goes LIVE on Monday (date)

The Time is HERE!

After over a month of preparation, practice and refinement - The Karate 360 Podcast is ready to go LIVE on (date)!!

Starting Monday, (date), Karate 360 will be available to all listeners worldwide on a number of different platforms such as Itunes, Youtube, & SoundCloud! Following that, new episodes will come out WEEKLY, every Monday morning so you can start your week off with the latest karate news and banter! 

We want to hear from YOU

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Thanks for tuning in, everyone and we look forward to bringing you the greatest news and talk in the local and global karate world!

Your hosts, 
Kalan & Richard



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Contact Information

Email: karatethreesixty at gmail dot com



The Hosts ready to record another episode of Karate 360!

The Karate 360 logo designed by one of Japan's most well-known manga artists!

The Hosts

Co-host: Richard Mosdell
Richard Mosdell is the chief instructor of Kenzen Sports Karate in Victoria, BC, Canada with over 35 years in karate training, competing and teaching experiences. He also spent 10 years in Japan as the full-time head coach of Tokyo's oldest competitive club (Seiritsu Gakuen Middle & High School), obtained his Masters degree in Global Studies on the globalization of karate and authored the epic modern karate story "Sonny Leads; a Japan karate adventure" (volume 1 published in by Manga University).

Through Richard's wide-ranging karate journey he tries to bring fresh eyes to every karate topic. He continues to train karate everyday and challenge higher dan ranks, while volunteering in karate community roles from founding the Canada Open Karate Championships, chairing the Karate BC high-performance committee that oversees the official BC Team and having supervised numerous premium karate events including the prestigious BC Winter Games to North American style association seminars and tournaments.

Co-host: Eric Masino

Former American national team member Eric Masino has been training and teaching karate for over 25 years and he is the chief instructor of American Sports Karate in Naples, Florida, USAA lifelong Wadoryu karate student, Eric is also a national level referee who has officiated and trained with some of the world's top karate coaches and athletes.

Eric shares on the podcast his experience and thoughts on what's it like to own a karate club, train beginner to elite students, promote karate in the community while also maintaining high standards and coach at championship tournaments.

Season 1 & 2 co-host: Kalan Anglos
Owner of KFit Conditioning in Victoria, BC, Canada, Kalan Anglos is a Sports Strength & Conditioning Coach and MSc. Kinesiology graduate from the University of Victoria. Kalan established the Anglos Protocol Karate Athlete Fitness Test as the standardized test for all karate athletes in the country.

Kalan's passion for combat sports came at a young age, having trained in karate since he was 7 years old, and obtaining his first degree black belt at the age of 18. He competed in the Canadian National Championships eight different occasions, having reached podium four times.

He currently trains and coaches at Kenzen Sports Karate in Victoria, BC, while also being a Karate BC Team coach and the Boxing BC Coach's Representative.

Friday 22 July 2016

Karate360 Podcast will go live in mid-September! Check back for details

The club motto is that there is no normal day, but maybe it should be there is no normal week!

This podcast idea emerged a few months back when a ton of karate things happened within 7 days.

It started when I had a call from friends in the WTF Tokyo office who wanted to give me an update on the Tokyo 2020 karate Olympic bid. Between August 2 to 4 in Rio the announcement will be made. Great!

This was followed by my pitch to the board of directors of Canada Karate for Karate British Colombia & myself start the very first annual Canada Open Karate Championships in Vancouver from June 3 & 4, 2017, which I'm happy to report they agreed to sanction. Wow, it's on! 

Then Kalan finalized a specific karate fitness test for his masters degree in kinesiology which we're going to use for not only the BC Team, but the national team is also interested in using too. Sweet!

This was all followed by some friends telling us about their amazing karate traveling experiences while we were sitting around after our Friday night practice.

Bam, it was obvious, we should make a podcast because this content we can share with others. 

Because the next week had even more interesting events and news to share too.

Now, we'll celebrate all that's great about our karate world and take a 360 approach to talk about anything from old school to future karate, to traditional techniques to self-defence theory, to reviewing karate videos to who's the latest UFC karate star, plus talk about what's happening in Japan.

We're buying the equipment, we're practicing our hosting skills and we're planning to have a Episode One up by August 15th 2016.

It's going to be a great journey and we hope lots of people will share it with us.