Monday 28 November 2016

Episode 11 with guest Peter Stoddart now AVAILABLE

Episode 11 with guest Peter Stoddart 

This week in studio, hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell are joined by 6th degree black belt and BC Team coach Peter Stoddart who chats about his coaching philosophy, how to prepare for a belt test or competition, how to balance dual athletes needs as a coach, as well as his time spent training in Japan. Listen on all our platforms to this great interview!

Monday 21 November 2016

Episode 10 - Karate Crossover now AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 NEW episode now availabe!
Episode 10 - Karate Crossover

Join Hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell as they discuss the recent UFC 205 title fights between karate cross over athletes Stephen Thompson (versus Tyron Woodley) and the great Conor McGregor (versus Eddie Alvarez). Other topics include how to move through a front stance, and proper nutrition for karate athletes!
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Monday 14 November 2016

Episode 9 (Episōdo Ku) now AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 fans episode 9 (Episodo Ku)
is now

This week, we talk about the overall nation standings from the WKF World Championships, what makes a good karate instructor, and the tale of Richard's six black belts (below)!
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In this episode we discuss the tale of Richard's six black belts
Right to left they are;
1989-1993 Tokaido JKA badge yet no JKA affiliation
- no name embroidery
1993-1998 Hirota no badge
- name & Wadokai
1998-2001 Hirota Wadokai badge
- Canada Wadokai name
2001-2005 Hirota Wadokai badge
- Kenzen Karate name
2005-2014 Hirota Wadokai badge
- silver Seiritsu Gakuen name
2014-now Shureido Wadokai badge
- Kenzen Sports Karate name

Monday 7 November 2016

Episode 8 - The World Championship Recap

Episode 8 - World Championships Recap
is now

In this episode, hosts Kalan Anglos and Richard Mosdell recap the entire WKF World Championships, and dicuss the new rule changes for both kata and kumite (see below), as well as proper stretching techniques and an upcoming UFC title fight for a karate fighter!

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On this episode, we discuss new WKF rule changes that will come in to effect starting January 2017:

Kata Rule Changes:

Kumite Rule Changes: