Monday 14 November 2016

Episode 9 (Episōdo Ku) now AVAILABLE!

Karate 360 fans episode 9 (Episodo Ku)
is now

This week, we talk about the overall nation standings from the WKF World Championships, what makes a good karate instructor, and the tale of Richard's six black belts (below)!
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In this episode we discuss the tale of Richard's six black belts
Right to left they are;
1989-1993 Tokaido JKA badge yet no JKA affiliation
- no name embroidery
1993-1998 Hirota no badge
- name & Wadokai
1998-2001 Hirota Wadokai badge
- Canada Wadokai name
2001-2005 Hirota Wadokai badge
- Kenzen Karate name
2005-2014 Hirota Wadokai badge
- silver Seiritsu Gakuen name
2014-now Shureido Wadokai badge
- Kenzen Sports Karate name

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