Saturday 17 September 2016

Karate 360 goes LIVE on Monday (date)

The Time is HERE!

After over a month of preparation, practice and refinement - The Karate 360 Podcast is ready to go LIVE on (date)!!

Starting Monday, (date), Karate 360 will be available to all listeners worldwide on a number of different platforms such as Itunes, Youtube, & SoundCloud! Following that, new episodes will come out WEEKLY, every Monday morning so you can start your week off with the latest karate news and banter! 

We want to hear from YOU

Got some exciting news to share with the karate world? Are you hosting a karate tournament that you'd like to have us promote and give a shout out live on the podcast? Have general comments or questions on the podcast? WRITE TO US at or find (and FOLLOW) us on twitter @Karate360 to let us know!

Thanks for tuning in, everyone and we look forward to bringing you the greatest news and talk in the local and global karate world!

Your hosts, 
Kalan & Richard

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